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Contract Design Manufacturing/Original Design Manufacturing (CDM/ODM)

AREZT has always placed great emphasis on building a world-class R&D team. Today, with major design centres strategically located in key cities in Asia, Europe and America, our engineering capabilities span the entire spectrum of activities required to develop a complete product of the finest quality. These include:

  • Electronics System Design
  • Mechanical System Design
  • Software Design & Development

Our CDM/ODM service offerings extend not just to state-of-the-art-designs, but also new product introduction (NPI) activities to ensure smooth manufacturing start-ups, production runs, distribution and reverse logistics. We contribute to our customers' success by dedicating top-notch program and project managers to manage globally-distributed, complex CDM/ODM projects. This is done with our tested and proven management processes. So, depending on our customers' needs, our R&D team can provide turnkey solutions, or simply co-develop products with them, hand-in-hand.

With our know-how and technological expertise, we strive to reduce our customers' risks in product development, so that they can re-direct their organisation's resources towards other initiatives that will further enhance their global presence and unique value proposition to their own customers.


In electronics systems design, our robust product development process ensures that all user requirements and specifications are meticulously verified and validated. Our ability for rapid prototyping of PCBAs and electronics systems enables our customers to meet demanding development schedules for time to market. Industry-leading CAD tools are used for schematic capture, board layout, analysis, simulation and ASIC design.


We provide state of the art mechanical systems designs to a wide range of customers across many industries. From simple handheld electronic gadgets to advanced large industrial systems that contain several thousand mechanical components, Venture has successfully delivered elegant yet cost effective solutions for its customers.


Our software development services stretch the entire spectrum from architecture design, implementation and verification/validation to maintenance and feature enhancements.  Our team exercises high standards of configuration management and defect tracking, thus ensuring meticulous control over the software development life cycle.